My name is Jordi, I’m PhD in Chemistry of the Universitat de Girona, especialized in theoretical and computational chemistry. It may sound bizarre, but I am only a chemist who has changed the laboratory for a computer and I’m trying to reproduce and explain what is experimentally observed in a laboratory, or simulate what may happen. My research is mainly focused in the electronic structure of molecules and the analysis of aromaticity in both organic and metallic systems. After obtaining my PhD I did a 3-year postodc at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which allowed me to get in touch with biochemical research topics, related to DNA and the corresponding replication mechanism, extraordinary relevant for life. This research line, referred as biomolecular recognition, has become the main pursuit at this moment.

Find below an image of the lake of Banyoles, where I was born in 1977.

And Girona is the city where I live now, an exciting city.

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